Sustain Fund has launched Sustain.House. It is a major new project that aims to encourage more startup thinking.

Practical, LEAN residential StartupOps

ZERO non-value-added activities such as commuting … but with a mobile capability to go on-site at customer’s location within hours … exercise, recreation, distraction involves working on repairs, maintenance, landscaping of house.

BASIC essentials, but MINIMAL viable resources for startup activity

Applied theory of inventive problem solving … beyond design sprint, TRIZ/ARIZ inventive brainstorming WITH customers

1.0 LISTEN, understand, analyze the System and customer need

2.0 Brainstorm solutions without constraints, then analyze/prioritize given available resources

3.0 Define the Ideal Final Result and Formulate the contradiction or constraint targeted for resolution

4.0 Separate the Contradiction

5.0 Apply the Knowledge Base: Effects, Standards, and TRIZ Principles

6.0 Change the “Mini-Problem”

7.0 Review the Solution and Analyze the Removal of the Physical Contradiction

8.0 Develop Maximum Usage of the Solution

9.0 Review All the Stages in ARIZ in “Real Time” Application

Technologies change over time, but we can be confident that the basic goal of Sustain Fund fintech will remain the same – it will always be true that every meaningful new startup business must answer ALL of Thiel’s seven questions:

  1. Is your business idea about creating breakthrough technology instead of incremental improvements?

  2. Is now the right time to start this particular business … or should the idea be held in reserve, in some sort of “parking lot?”

  3. Does this business start with a big share of a small market that it can thoroughly dominate?

  4. Is the right team of founders, investors, partners and employees involved? Are they in the right positions?

  5. Do the business control its own destiny? Does it have a way to not just create but deliver the product?

  6. Will the business’s market position be defensible as far as we can see, ie 10 and 20 years, into the future?

  7. Has this business identified a vein of unique opportunities to mine that others are not currently mining successfully?