Smart contracts sound good in theory … in practice, it is much, much, much tougher for humans to find good alternatives to important things in life and to reach agreement on the general architectural outline a contract related to thoses things [not to mention the terms of the agreement] than it is to become knowledgeable than anyone imagined twenty years ago before Google or Wikipedia.

Developing smart contracts with others depends upon a common frame of reference. Convergence to a consensus is difficult enough to achieve in a simple auction; it gets tougher if we cannot find the right parties who have a shared understanding of what the contract is about. If we want to work on this problem, we must acknowledge that the status quo involves a world where most resources are sub-optimally allocated, that most people are unemployed in their employment, that most marriages do not improve over time and generally people settle for Lose-Lose-Lose deals because the alternatives are something that approaches Die-Die-Die.

If it is this difficult making contracts … is something like going to Mars or exploring all kinds of areas in science just a matter of escapism?

LEAD by developing your own technology to drive culture of freedom and responsibility

Most political decisions are made by crowds of jealous, close-minded zombies who have not had a new idea in decades. Consensus is always forged by visionary leaders. When there is no vision, no leadership … then elections are primarily about style … because people long for anyone who looks like a leader. People who look like leaders are NEVER EVER EVER true leaders.

Practice systems thinking

Understand the lessons of emergent companies … Conway’s Law always applies … crappy organizations cannot be reformed; at best they can produce reformed crap.

Humbly work at learning how to learn

Develop and EXECUTE your list of 200 ways to learn … work every single day at making that list better … if you are not learning something everyday, you are a zombie.

In order to really learn anything, it is necessary to train others. Plato’s Republicans is a massively open online curriculum for the collaborative study of consensus and antifragile leadership in the absence of coherence and order.

Be persistent, just stay at it, show up when you don’t feel well

The essence of being a warrior is to never quit on yourself.

Aim for quality not quantity, get rid of quantity and complexity

Work of reducing your tolerance for complexity.

Be more fit, seek criticism, train and exercise

Learn to see waste and avoid it. Train harder every day. Build exercise into your work routine. Seek out more criticism … especially from key people, partners, investors, important employees, paying customers.

Be maniacally customer-driven, know your customer better than your customer does

Listen to “what” these critics actually say, then listen again. Disregard “how” you hear it. The criticism is not about you unless you fall into to the trap of choosing to be sensitive and make the criticism about you. Listen to “what” these critics actually say and ONLY what they say.

Manage your time, 5S your life … sort, simplify, shine, standardize, sustain

You can use software and automation to fix a lot of things, but software and automation are NOT a substitute for simplification [refactoring or better yet, elimination] and orderliness.

Network as if your life depends on it, becuase it does

Always work at finding new friends, but focus your time for other people appropriately … it’s a matter of time management and priorities. An entrepreneur probably needs to focus on working twice as long as the person with a nine-to-five job – that means 90+ hours a week, but you should allocate two and a half hours to the connections with the people in your life. Give the VERY BEST, VERY HIGHEST QUALITY thirty minutes a day to the five most important people in your life. Give next best thirty PERSONAL minutes to to the next twenty most important friends, family, colleagues. Give next best thirty PERSONAL minutes to the next 100 people around you who are routinely come into contact with. Give next best thirty PERSONAL minutes to social media, messaging the next 500 to your professional network. If you still have energy give thirty PERSONAL minutes a day via social media or some other broadcast mechanism on the next 2500 or the members of your larger community.

Social production … open source burns the enemies war machine down

Don’t cling to your attachments. Don’t put up with storing or maintaining or shuffling things about. Ditch your baggage so that you can be more more mobile, more flexible.