Listification is HYBRID intelligence

Annotated lists help form the basis of algorithms behind semiotic and semantic graphs … it’s really a matter of growing or extending noospheres with organic, “almost mycorrhizal” living conceptual pathways.

It begins with a very simple lists … which becomes checkist or perhaps a priorizable outline driving an open issue deck … along the way, we add annoations and make new connections … continuously editing and revising … to eventually think in visual graphs and then do that with intelligence infrastructure in code, such as ConnectedPapers … with hopefully standard data API format such as maybe a simplistic CSV, slightly more valuable JSON or a graphQL data API … so that others can re-use the connections.

The manual EXERCISE of continually curating annotated reading lists is really about the routine discipline of little tasks, eg daily reading, that advance the personal discipline as well as mental/social fitness … without the regular exercise of different knowledge development muscles atrophy occurs, especially in areas of knowledge where communities evolve and grow or die, the language and terminology changes, where different minds become more or less engaged.

Listing of Listified Lists

Curated Art Collections

  • Landsculpting

  • Photography

  • Museums and Galleries

    Curated Nanoenterprise Collections

We also think in terms of other lists for Ventures

  • Quantum Cloud Kernel Reading List

  • Computational Biology Reading List

  • Asynchronous Workflow Reading List

  • Computational Linguistics Reading List

Curated Reading Collections

  • Classics

  • Newsreaders

  • Pre-Print Archives

  • Threads / Comment Poetry

Curated Workout Collections

Our process of revising and edit Workout Lists is that we really must do these workouts.

  • Tabatas

  • 5S Housekeeping

  • Hikes